There's a Slot Machine In Your Pocket

Here’s our inaugural blog spot for Walkshop - let’s get it started!

First off, I love technology. I’ve built my career on it, and have spent the past 20 years building and launching great products and customer experiences.

But the iPhone launched in 2006.

And now, 13 years later? 87% of households have smartphones. We spend 4+ hours on our phones daily, with over 2 hours of that on social media. We check our email over 150 times a day. We’re always and overly connected.

Our subconscious has become hyper trained to crave the dopamine shot we get every time a little ping or notification comes through.

Mental health disorders are soaring, and loneliness abounds. We are more disconnected and significantly less creative the more attached we get to our devices. Our brain’s innate functioning is hijacked and we don’t even know it.

Tristan Harris’ essays on this topic have been insanely eye opening to me. Technology is the anti-pattern that exploits our brain’s weakness. The variable reward we get every time we log into our phones and computers has created a powerful and debilitating pavlovian response, where we’re losing our choice, our independent will, and rely on social approval for our personal sense of well-being.

Here at Walkshop, we offer a better approach to how you connect with others. By getting outside, in nature, our community has a chance to break outside of their current patterns and habits and to think and connect wih each other differently. At Walkshop, we believe:

… outside is better than inside

… human connections are the most important connections

… going offline maximizes the value of the present moment

…  accomplishing hard things together with good people creates a bond that can’t be broken

…  we are what we spend our time on

… being our best selves means being our true selves

… pursuit of quality time and joyful experiences are critical to professional success

… using your body makes your mind stronger

… nature renews us

Can’t wait to get out on the trail with all of you!

- MJ