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Get your ideas out in the open

What will you experience?

What happens when you disconnect from the distractions of everyday life, slow down and go off the grid?

Set your laptop and cell phones aside for several days, get off the hamster wheel of life and have some of pure off the grid fun.  Set in a beautiful backdrop, we'll help you find the space to explore from a new perspective, get to know one another and remember what having space to think really feels like. We will run a variety of activities that encourage creativity, create memories and give you ideas and connections for the future.



Immersive experience. Incredible community.

Walkshops bring together an invite only group of curious leaders who are looking to recharge while being offline. Each Walkshop retreat connects today’s brightest designers, digital leaders, entrepreneurs, makers, and storytellers into a vibrant global community that fosters a deep connection and support long after we leave the trail.

When you join the Walkshop community, you’ll build connection, foster creativity, and be inspired by other emerging and curious leaders.


Benefits of the Walkshop Experience


Be present. 

We gave each person a challenge: sit on the trail and build something entirely with the materials you can find within arms reach. Each person built very elaborate structures as they became aware of their surroundings and all the materials at their feet. 

The trip encourages you to be present and in the moment - mindful of where you are and what's around you. 


The trip allows you to stretch your legs and experience time on slightly different scale. That pub with our lunch is a 2 hour walk that-a-way? No problem!  The walk encourages you to slow down and not hop immediately from one task to the next. Rather - just keep putting one foot in front of the other. 



"My favorite part was being able to point at two spots on the map and say I walked from this spot to that spot. No rides. No vehicles. I did the whole journey myself."

- Alicia Drucker, Table XI

Disconnect. Reconnect. 

The trip forces you to disconnect from checklists, from emails, from social media, and typical engagements. You get to unplug in every sense of the word.

It allows you to reconnect with nature and your surroundings. The distraction free environment allows you to reconnect with yourself - giving you time to consider your journey a bit more personally.

And you'll make new connections with your fellow hikers - each leaders in their own field. 




At work - you routinely balance several things at once. Your phones ring while in meetings with other people while you get messaged on slack. On the trail - you'll find a sense of focus that you can lack in the office. A single thought or discussion can truly consume your attention. You can focus on an idea and ask others for advice. When you're in a more contemplative mood, you can focus your mental energies on the trail ahead and the 30,000 steps in front of you.


"It was very refreshing, in a fresh air sort of sense, to clear my mind and think about where I'm at in my career and think about what's next."

- Mike Jansen, Outcome Health

Stretch your legs. Stretch your creative limits. 

Researchers at Stanford University found that creative output of people increases by an average of 60 percent when they are walking. 

Scientists at the UK's University of Essex found that mood and sense of well-being of people is boosted significantly with as little as 5 minutes of outdoor exercise.



Get Inspired. 

The change in scenery will help you come up with creative solutions by enhancing all your senses. You'll fully immerse in a new environment and consider new and inspired ways to do more meaningful work. 

The stunning views allow for incredible hiking, canoeing, journaling and laughing as you explore the country side. And the people you are hiking with will challenge you to keep up and encourage you to keep pushing - even when you get back home.


Dedicate time with some very dedicated people. 

Perhaps the single best thing about a Walkshop is the uninterrupted time that you can get with some very talented people. Each person on the trail has unique insights and accomplishments in their organization. And for several days, you get dedicated time with them to ask questions and gather insights on your path. And the shared experience of the hike will help you to establish relationships and bring value long after you've dusted off your boots. 



Want to Walkshop?

Find where the trail will lead you

I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.
— Henry David Thoreau