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If you would like to RSVP for an upcoming Walkshop, please click the link below. Members also have access to our online community portal with the global calendar, list of everyone’s profiles, a global map, travel guides, and discussion forums.

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Rest, Reboot, Recharge.

Renew, Relax, and break the Routine. 

We are always looking to connect with other like-minded businesses leaders that bring something new to the table. In the Walkshop community, you can get creative, connect on a deeper level, discover new paths to success and have fun as you connect (on and off the trail) with other curious leaders.


“The ability to talk about business challenges with complete transparency with other smart people in leadership positions in both a structured and organic way is invaluable. Unlike workshops where you sit most of the time and drink a bunch of coffee to stay awake during the discussion, the ability to keep moving allows one to experience the mind/body/mood connection with learning and exercise.”

- Ingrid Alongi, Head of Mentor Network, Cognizant Accelerator at Cognizant

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Sometimes, hearing someone tell you to “take a hike” is a good thing!

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