Get your ideas out in the open.


An Annual Affair

The Walkshop Experience

In 2017, a select group of 10 technology industry leaders traveled to the Scottish Highlands to recharge while being offline.  These 10 walked and wandered across the craggy mountains of Scotland, discussing a question and then swapping topics when a line of thought had run its course. The path itself guided interactions: narrowing to restrict a discussion to a single pair of walkers and expanding for us to regroup, slow down, and take stock of our surroundings.


Let your legs and your mind wander


Schedule of Events

Walking and Talking

Ideas tend to flow more freely in a Walkshop than they would around a conference table. People are more inclined to ‘think outside the box’, and come up with fresh and radical insights and innovations when they go off the grid for a few days. And by the second day of the hike - the normal inhibitions and pretense all melt away while you focus on the trail, your destination, your companions, and yourself.


Stay in comfortable bed and breakfasts along the trail


Get lost in the woods with your thoughts


Spend dedicated time with dedicated leaders 


Explore unusual ideas in unusual places


Push yourself physically and mentally


See where the trail takes you


Practice mindfulness and notice the little things



Thought Leaders in Technology

The 2017 Walkshop through Scotland brought thought leaders together from various organizations in the technology industry. CEOs, authors, founders, and director level leaders in their organization -  5 men and 5 women with similar values and a willingness to collaborate, share experiences, and learn from one another.


Get physically exhausted and mentally refreshed




Highlights of the Highlands


Day to day, our bodies sit still at a desk or in meetings. Yet our brains run 100 miles an hour jumping between meetings and juggling many tasks.  In the Highlands of Scotland - you will reverse that order and let your body do most the work. On the trail - you'll push yourself to cover 30,000 steps a day and let your mind relax and focus more clearly. 

Don't worry - we've organized a service to carry our bags from hotel to hotel so we were free to go hiking unencumbered. Each night we stay in a local B&B, enjoy a good dinner, and great conversation. Each morning - our B&B hosts serve a lovely full Scottish breakfast to fuel the next day's adventure.

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure some of them are dirt.
— John Muir