Black Forest

Sept 30th - Oct 5th, 2018 // Trail Difficulty: easy to mOderate

St Roman, Wolfach, Haslach, Zell am Hammersbach, Gengenbach

This hike was postcard perfect and immersed us in the many things that make The Black Forest enchanting. We hiked though heavily forested mountains and open meadows, with steep ravines leading down to farms in the valleys, all surrounded by orchards and vineyards. Each hotel was located in medieval Black Forest towns, ideal for quiet time in nature while also imbibing local life in the evenings.


Germany Walkshop

Sept 30th - Oct 5th, 2018

Our Experience in Germany

15 adventurous leaders headed out into the Black Forest of Germany to recharge while being offline. We wandered between forests, through vineyards, over streams, and into gorgeous little mountain towns to enjoy incredible dinners and discussions together.


“The ability to talk about business challenges with complete transparency with other smart people in leadership positions in both a structured and organic way is invaluable. Unlike workshops where you sit most of the time and drink a bunch of coffee to stay awake during the discussion, the ability to keep moving allows one to experience the mind/body/mood connection with learning and exercise.”

- Ingrid Alongi, Head of Mentor Network, Cognizant Accelerator at Cognizant 

“The Walkshop was one of the best and most inspiring experiences of my entire professional life. People talk a lot about building community, but the intensity of the shared Walkshop experience was so effective at creating real relationships over the course of just a few days. It literally changed the course of my career and I now feel like I have an international group of friends I can turn to for years to come.”

- Matt Neuroth, CEO of Goodfolk



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