Mark Rickmeier (CEO of Table XI) and Jessie Shternshus (CEO of Improv Effect) have been facilitating gatherings together since 2013 - always with the goal of bringing leaders of competitive players in the technology industry together to collaborate, learn, and grow. 


Jessie is the owner and founder of The Improv Effect which was started to help individuals and organizations reach their full potential by means of professional development training and executive coaching. She regularly uses Improv to help people connect - both on an off the trail.

She is the co-author of CTRLShift 50 Games for 50 ***Days Like Today and is a regular keynote speaker at conferences and with Fortune 500 companies worldwide. 


Mark is the CEO of Table XI - a custom software design and development company founded in Chicago in 2002. He is also the founder of the international Ops-Conf retreat which brings together software companies from around the world who share the same values and struggle with similar challenges. 

In the Chicago community, he is actively involved in improving arts education in public schools and joined the Board at Ravinia to support the Reach*Teach*Play initiative, bringing music education to schools across Chicago.


Choosing inspiration over competition for a stronger community and a healthier way to do business.

The Walkshop is a unique way to bring industry leaders together in a different kind of setting. Unlike other events, conferences, or un-conferences that rely on post it notes, board rooms, and conference tables - this is an opportunity to get yourself - and your ideas - out in the open. The change in environment, the change in routine, and the physical activity lead to a very different kind of interaction. 

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Connecting through shared values and shared experience.

The Walkshop is an invite only experience that brings thought leaders together from their various fields, unified by a desire to explore unique ideas for themselves and their business, to try to do something truly unique:

Wander where the wifi is weak.


Where does your path lead?

All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.
— Friedrich Nietzsche
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